SOLID Masala Dabba Spice Tin [SOLID Outer Lid with an inner lid]

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SOLID Masala Dabba Spice Tin [SOLID Outer Lid with an inner lid]

Solid Masala Dabba Tin (Spice Box)

Available in 16cm, 18cm, 20cm or 24cm. Please choose from the dropdown box below.

Small 16cm approx  [Dabba Size 10]
Medium 18cm approx [Dabba Size 11]
Large 20cm approx [Dabba Size 12]
CHEFS DABBA 24cm approx [Dabba Size 14]
[please note: handle on inner lid may vary from that pictured]

This Solid Masala Dabba Spice Tin is one large stainless steel outer pot with 7 small inner pots inside to store your different spices.  It has one solid inner lid to cover the 7 pots and then a solid outer lid to close.

An Indian Spice Tin Masala Dabba is used to store spices. Most Indian households will have at least one in use storing the most commonly used spices so everything is to hand in one tin instead of opening up 7 different pots/packets.


5 stars based on 2 reviews
from stockport

Very good solid masala dabba tins. I am a mum to small children under five, leading a busy lifestyle. I find these tins very easy to use as you only have to open one tin as supposed to different jars to get the spices out. I have four of these at home in the medium size. I have put ALL the spices I use regulatory and not so regularly as well as you never know when you want to Cook something different or just want to experiment yourself.

I have only started cooking curries etc but with the different spices, they're turning out to be quiete tasty (except for a few funny and burnt ones!) :)

Janice Holden
from Cardigan

Bought 2 of these at christmas for present, very well received. I am here to write a second review after putting my first review on the wrong masala dabba. Anyway I have just received my 3rd one ordered which came today. Pleased as Punch with it! Bought the Chef size one which came with good deep cups inside, no filling it every 5 minutes. As I said elsewhere the stainless steel quality is good, better than others I have seen and there are no sharp edges. I love the inner dust lid, you can take the outer lid off and keep it covered from dust, damp or grease. I also like solid lids as spices are not meant to be kept in the dark to preserve colour and flavour. Plus, and I do really like this the inner lid is a few centimetres deep the top and thereby allows more storage of cinnamon sticks, basil leaves, curry leaves, methi leaves really does hold a lot! I am a very happy bunny, all ready to cook!

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