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YTK Bamboo Chopsticks [8 Pairs]YTK Bamboo Chopsticks [8 Pairs]
Price: £0.85
Nigiri Sushi Maker [Rice Press Mould]Nigiri Sushi Maker [Rice Press Mould]
Price: £2.89
10 Piece Sushi Making Set10 Piece Sushi Making Set
Price: £14.49
1KG Panko Breadcrumbs1KG Panko Breadcrumbs
Price: £6.99
Biona Edamame BeansBiona Edamame Beans
Price: £2.99
Bonito Flakes [Dried & Smoked Katsuobushi]Bonito Flakes [Dried & Smoked Katsuobushi]
Price: £4.49
BULK Shirataki Konjac Yam Noodles [Konnyaku] x 20pkBULK Shirataki Konjac Yam Noodles [Konnyaku] x 20pk
Price: £23.99
Chuka Men [Chinese Yellow Egg Noodles]Chuka Men [Chinese Yellow Egg Noodles]
Price: £3.75
Chunsi Soba Noodles [Buckwheat & Wheat]Chunsi Soba Noodles [Buckwheat & Wheat]
Price: £1.25
Chunsi Udon NoodlesChunsi Udon Noodles
Price: £0.99
CLH Sichuan Peppercorn Oil 210mlCLH Sichuan Peppercorn Oil 210ml
Click above for available sizes.
Price: £2.75
Dried Seaweed by ZFDried Seaweed by ZF
Price: £2.99
Dried Whole Shiitake MushroomsDried Whole Shiitake Mushrooms
Price: £2.65
Dumpling FlourDumpling Flour
Price: £3.95
Furikake Wasabi Flavour Seasoning [Sprinkles]Furikake Wasabi Flavour Seasoning [Sprinkles]
Price: £3.45
Genmaicha Japanese Style Organic 'Popcorn' Tea by YTKGenmaicha Japanese Style Organic 'Popcorn' Tea by YTK
Price: £1.99
Hikari White Shiro Miso Soybean Paste sorry out of stockHikari White Shiro Miso Soybean Paste sorry out of stock
Price: £0.00
Japanese Shiso (Perilla) Seasoning (Yukari/Furikake)Japanese Shiso (Perilla) Seasoning (Yukari/Furikake)
Price: £2.59
Japanese Ume Shiso SeasoningJapanese Ume Shiso Seasoning
Price: £2.99
Japanese Wafu Salad Dressing by TakaoJapanese Wafu Salad Dressing by Takao
Price: £1.99

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