Shop for Chinese Teas, Indian Chai and a whole lot more. From Chinese Puer Teas & Jasmine Tea to Indian Chai and Mango Drinks. Why not try something new?

C2 Cool & Clean Green Tea [Apple Flavour]C2 Cool & Clean Green Tea [Apple Flavour]
Price: £1.39
Pu Erh Tea (Premium Puer Teabags)Pu Erh Tea (Premium Puer Teabags)
Click above for available sizes.
Price: £2.15
Premium Green TeaPremium Green Tea
Price: £2.29
Premium Oolong Tea [Wu Long]Premium Oolong Tea [Wu Long]
Price: £2.15
Premium Iron Buddha Tea (Tie Guan Yin)Premium Iron Buddha Tea (Tie Guan Yin)
Price: £2.15
Premium Jasmine TeaPremium Jasmine Tea
Price: £2.19
Monin Caramel Syrup 25clMonin Caramel Syrup 25cl
Price: £3.49
Monin Chocolate Syrup 25clMonin Chocolate Syrup 25cl
Price: £3.49
Natco Rose SyrupNatco Rose Syrup
Price: £3.79
Tang Juice (Orange Powder Drink Mix)Tang Juice (Orange Powder Drink Mix)
Price: £4.99
Natco Spiced Tea [Indian Masala Chai]Natco Spiced Tea [Indian Masala Chai]
Price: £4.85
Spiced Tea (Masala Spiced Chai) by Palanquin.Spiced Tea (Masala Spiced Chai) by Palanquin.
Click above for available sizes
Price: £3.49
Caribbean Dreams Slimming Herbal Tea [Slim Active]Caribbean Dreams Slimming Herbal Tea [Slim Active]
Price: £2.99
TSUN Moringa TeaTSUN Moringa Tea
Price: £2.19
TSUN Turmeric TeaTSUN Turmeric Tea
Price: £2.19
Cardamom Tea | (40 bags) By PalanquinCardamom Tea | (40 bags) By Palanquin
Price: £3.49
Ginger Tea | (Caffeine Free) 40 Bags By PalanquinGinger Tea | (Caffeine Free) 40 Bags By Palanquin
Price: £3.49
Spearmint Tea [Caffeine Free] 40 Bags By PalanquinSpearmint Tea [Caffeine Free] 40 Bags By Palanquin
Price: £3.49
Coco Cool All Natural Coconut Water 520mlCoco Cool All Natural Coconut Water 520ml
Price: £1.49
Kesar & Pista Falooda Mix by WeikfieldKesar & Pista Falooda Mix by Weikfield
Price: £1.25

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