Thai Mortar & Pestle (Traditional Large Laos Style)

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Thai Mortar & Pestle (Traditional Large Laos Style)

An essential part of any Thai kitchen, this is a traditional, large rustic mortar and pestle. Consisting of a large deep clay mortar and a long thick wooden pestle, it is the tool of choice for preparing many thai dishes including curry pastes and the famous 'Som Tum' [Thai Papaya Salad].

The mortar is of a simple and very rustic build. It will have surface imperfections and may not look 'perfect' but it has very good functionality. Which is why its so popular! The traditional wooden pestle is long and thick and may look lightweight, but is paired so not to break the mortar and still be very functional.

The clay mortar has a diameter of 23cm approx at the top, going down to a diameter of 12cm approx at the base. And sits approximately 19cm high. 
The wooden pestle is 33cm approx in length.


WAS: £19.99
Price: £13.99

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