Shop for Indian Lentils, Dhal, Flour and a whole lot more. From Masoor Dal & Chana Dal to Soya Beans & Gungo Peas. Why not try something new?

Rosecoco Beans (Borlotti/Crab Eye/Saluggia)Rosecoco Beans (Borlotti/Crab Eye/Saluggia)
Price: £1.85
1KG Mung Dal (Split & Skinned Moong Bean)1KG Mung Dal (Split & Skinned Moong Bean)
Price: £4.19
500g Mung Dal (Split & Skinned Moong Bean)500g Mung Dal (Split & Skinned Moong Bean)
Price: £2.25
2KG Mung Dal (Split & Skinned Moong Bean)2KG Mung Dal (Split & Skinned Moong Bean)
Price: £7.99
Green Lentils 500gGreen Lentils 500g
Price: £1.29
2KG Green Lentils2KG Green Lentils
Price: £4.49
Split Green PeasSplit Green Peas
Price: £1.59
Dark Speckled (Puy) LentilsDark Speckled (Puy) Lentils
Price: £2.29
Dried Broad Fava Beans 500gDried Broad Fava Beans 500g
Price: £2.35
500g Whole Urad Beans (Black Lentils, Black Gram)500g Whole Urad Beans (Black Lentils, Black Gram)
Price: £2.09
2KG Black Lentils (Whole Urad Beans, Black Gram)2KG Black Lentils (Whole Urad Beans, Black Gram)
Price: £7.49
BULK 4KG Rice FlourBULK 4KG Rice Flour
Price: £7.99
Dried Gungo Peas (Pigeon Peas) 500gDried Gungo Peas (Pigeon Peas) 500g
Price: £1.85
Dried Adzuki Beans (Red Chori/Cow Peas/Azuki) 500gDried Adzuki Beans (Red Chori/Cow Peas/Azuki) 500g
Price: £2.09
2KG Red Kidney Beans2KG Red Kidney Beans
Price: £7.89
500g Red Kidney Beans500g Red Kidney Beans
Price: £2.09
1KG Popcorn Maize (Popping Corn)1KG Popcorn Maize (Popping Corn)
Price: £2.45
2KG Popcorn Maize (Popping Corn)2KG Popcorn Maize (Popping Corn)
Price: £4.79
500g Popcorn Maize (Popping Corn)500g Popcorn Maize (Popping Corn)
Price: £1.29
White Hominy Corn 1.5KGWhite Hominy Corn 1.5KG
Price: £6.69

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