Shop for Indian Lentils, Dhal, Flour and a whole lot more. From Masoor Dal & Chana Dal to Soya Beans & Gungo Peas. Why not try something new?

Dhana Dal [Roasted Split Coriander Seeds]Dhana Dal [Roasted Split Coriander Seeds]
Price: £3.19
FUFU Cocoyam FlourFUFU Cocoyam Flour
Price: £4.49
Iwisa White Maize Meal (Maize Flour)Iwisa White Maize Meal (Maize Flour)
Click above for available sizes
Price: £3.49
Kingsford Corn StarchKingsford Corn Starch
Price: £2.75
Nikado Hopper Mixture (Appam/Pancake Mix)Nikado Hopper Mixture (Appam/Pancake Mix)
Price: £1.99
Organic Coconut Flour 500gOrganic Coconut Flour 500g
Price: £2.99
Pearl BarleyPearl Barley
Price: £0.89
Petai Beans [Stink Bean, Bitter Bean] by AyamPetai Beans [Stink Bean, Bitter Bean] by Ayam
Price: £3.19
Premium Fava Beans [Foul Medames] [Ful Medammas]Premium Fava Beans [Foul Medames] [Ful Medammas]
Price: £0.99
Quinoa [White]Quinoa [White]
Price: £3.49
Roasted Chana Large [Unsalted Roasted Chick Peas]Roasted Chana Large [Unsalted Roasted Chick Peas]
Price: £2.19
Roasted Red Rice Flour (String Hopper Flour)Roasted Red Rice Flour (String Hopper Flour)
Price: £2.69
Soya Beans (Dried) 500gSoya Beans (Dried) 500g
Price: £1.19
Tin Pinto Beans (in Salted Water)Tin Pinto Beans (in Salted Water)
Price: £0.99
Whole Amaranth SeedsWhole Amaranth Seeds
Price: £3.49
Whole Buckwheat SeedsWhole Buckwheat Seeds
Price: £2.25

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