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''Generally when cooking Indian Food, Indian Spices will be used in different blends for adding flavour. These Indian Spices can be used Ground or as Whole Spices and can be roasted, fried or made into a paste. Most Whole Spices are gently roasted before using to release flavour at the start of cooking'' the Asian Cookshop.

Shop here for all the Whole Spices you need with a full array of spices from around the world.

We have Whole Spices packed in small, medium and larger sizes to suit all your requirements. Extra Large 5kg Whole Spices are also available!

Rajah SpicesRajah Spices

Green Raisins 100gGreen Raisins 100g
Price: £1.29
Juniper BerriesJuniper Berries
Price: £1.39
Kaffir Lime Leaf [FREEZE DRIED Premium Kaffir Lime Leaves]Kaffir Lime Leaf [FREEZE DRIED Premium Kaffir Lime Leaves]
Price: £1.29
XO Dried Lemongrass [Sliced] 100gXO Dried Lemongrass [Sliced] 100g
Price: £1.89
Liquorice RootLiquorice Root
Price: £1.19
Kampot Black PepperKampot Black Pepper
Price: £3.29
Long Pepper [Lindi Pippali]Long Pepper [Lindi Pippali]
Price: £2.99
Rajah Black Peppercorns 100g [Whole]Rajah Black Peppercorns 100g [Whole]
Price: £2.59
Star Anise (Whole Star Aniseed)Star Anise (Whole Star Aniseed)
Price: £1.19
Dried Red Rose Petals (Edible)Dried Red Rose Petals (Edible)
Click above for available sizes
Price: £1.29
Sat Isabgol [Psyllium Husk] [Isabgol Bhusi]Sat Isabgol [Psyllium Husk] [Isabgol Bhusi]
Price: £2.49
Sea Salt (Fine) By CostaSea Salt (Fine) By Costa
Price: £1.85
Sugar Candy (Misri, Rock Sugar)Sugar Candy (Misri, Rock Sugar)
Price: £0.85
Sugar Coated Sweet Fennel SeedsSugar Coated Sweet Fennel Seeds
Price: £0.75
Kaffir Lime Leaf [Dried Kaffir Lime Leaves] 50gKaffir Lime Leaf [Dried Kaffir Lime Leaves] 50g
Price: £2.49
Whole Kashmiri Chillies [Kashmiri Chilli Peppers]Whole Kashmiri Chillies [Kashmiri Chilli Peppers]
Click above for available sizes
Price: £0.99
Bay Leaves [Dried Bay Leaf]Bay Leaves [Dried Bay Leaf]
Price: £0.75
Dried Cayenne ChilliesDried Cayenne Chillies
Price: £0.99
Dried Nasi Goreng (Vegetable & Spice Mix) 200gDried Nasi Goreng (Vegetable & Spice Mix) 200g
Price: £2.99
Dried Mexican  Serrano Chillies sorry out of stockDried Mexican Serrano Chillies sorry out of stock
Price: £0.00

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