Welcome to the Asian Cookshops Online Wholesale Bulk/Case Section. 
Huge savings can be made here, perfect for bulk consumers.

This section works slightly different to the rest of the shop with deliveries just once a week. 

We do not offer any delivery discounts on orders containing Bulk/Case items and so customers will have to select the correct 'BULK DELIVERY' at checkout, Free Delivery is not available.

MAXIMUM WEIGHT PER ORDER OF 25KG - Please calculate using the approx weights shown, if you require more than 25kg please order seperately.

IMPORTANT: Every week the deadline for ordering Bulk/Case items is 12 midnight Thursday. Bulk/Case Orders placed after this deadline will be despatched the following week. UK Delivery will take approx 1/4 working days after despatch but delays may occur due to shortages and we may have to bring stock in especially for you. You will be notified via email in such case of delays.

Please ensure there is someone available at the delivery address to accept delivery, the asiancookshop cannot be held responsible if delivery cannot be made

All items subject to availability.

BULK Chilli Powder 5kgBULK Chilli Powder 5kg
Price: £29.99
BULK Coconut Powder 5kgBULK Coconut Powder 5kg
Price: £31.99
BULK Coriander Dhania Powder 5kgBULK Coriander Dhania Powder 5kg
Price: £18.99
BULK Coriander Dhania Seeds 3kgBULK Coriander Dhania Seeds 3kg
Price: £16.99
BULK Cumin Jeera Powder 5kgBULK Cumin Jeera Powder 5kg
Price: £34.99
BULK Madras Curry Powder 5kg by TRSBULK Madras Curry Powder 5kg by TRS
Price: £25.15
BULK Whole Cumin Jeera Seeds 4kgBULK Whole Cumin Jeera Seeds 4kg
Price: £29.99
5KG BULK Natco Garam Masala Powder5KG BULK Natco Garam Masala Powder
Price: £49.99
5KG Turmeric Powder (Haldi)5KG Turmeric Powder (Haldi)
Price: £15.99
BULK 1.5KG Cassia Bark (Dalchini)BULK 1.5KG Cassia Bark (Dalchini)
Price: £17.99
BULK 1KG Garlic Flakes (Dried Flaked Garlic)BULK 1KG Garlic Flakes (Dried Flaked Garlic)
Price: £5.99
BULK 5KG Rice FlourBULK 5KG Rice Flour
Price: £7.99
BULK CASE Green Jackfruit 24 x 565gBULK CASE Green Jackfruit 24 x 565g
Price: £29.99
BULK Paprika 5kgBULK Paprika 5kg
Price: £27.99
CASE Fortune Cookies (Approx 200 Pieces) (BEST VALUE)CASE Fortune Cookies (Approx 200 Pieces) (BEST VALUE)
Price: £17.99
FULL CASE Indomie Mi Goreng Fried Instant Noodles (40 Packets)FULL CASE Indomie Mi Goreng Fried Instant Noodles (40 Packets)
Price: £17.99
FULL CASE Indomie Mi Goreng Pedas Hot & Spicy Instant Noodles (40 Packets)FULL CASE Indomie Mi Goreng Pedas Hot & Spicy Instant Noodles (40 Packets)
Price: £17.99
Price: £4.15
Price: £0.01
TRS BULK Mint Sauce 2.27 litresTRS BULK Mint Sauce 2.27 litres
Price: £5.49

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