Yutaka Japanese Dashi Konbu (Dried Kelp)

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Yutaka Japanese Dashi Konbu (Dried Kelp)

Dashi Konbu

by Yutaka 30g.

Japanese dried kelp from Hokkaido. Product of Japan.

Infuse a rich Umami flavour “fifth taste” & make your Japanese cooking special!

Our 'KODAWARI' ('Pursuit of perfection').

Yutaka Dashi Kombu is cultivated in Hokkaido’s cold, Northern ocean currents.

The Japanese have been using dashi kombu for adding ‘umami’, the fifth basic savoury taste, to their cooking since long ago.

Umami draws out the real flavours of other ingredients and adds depth and complexity to your cooking. You can get the great umami flavour from dashi kombu alone, but also try combining with Yutaka Katsuobushi or Yutaka Dried Shiitake Mushroom to enhance your meal and get the full ‘umami synergistic effect’.

Ingredients: kelp

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